You will find our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our gym, programs, and general expectations here.

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What should I bring?

We recommend wearing shorts and t-shirts or a rash guard. We do not recommend wearing sweat pant, leggings, or loose clothing. Bring boxing gloves and hand wraps if you have them. If not, we have some for sale at the gym.

Gloves are available to borrow, but cannot guarantee availability. We also recommend you eventually get shin pads. Although these may not be immediately necessary for beginners.

How difficult is the skill level?

We accommodate every skill level, from first-timers to more advanced levels, and even professionals.

However, if you are just beginning, we do recommend starting with the Fundamentals class. You will learn the basics of Muay Thai, and will focus on lots of full-body conditioning.

How much does it cost to sign up?

Due to the different classes packages and discounts we offer, we suggest that you first register for a FREE TRIAL class then we can discuss the best package for you and your lifestyle.

Alternatively, if you are familiar with what we do but still a beginner you can register for our Onboarding Session to get a semi-private lesson.

How do I sign up for a free trial class?

We use a reservation system called “MindBody” which allows you to easily sign up for any and all of our classes conveniently online. To sign-up for one of our classes, please go here to see our schedule, and sign-up for the one you want!

We sometimes do tend to get full, so make sure you reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Do you guys spar?

Short answer is, yes. But we reserve this for intermediate class and up. NOBODY in our fundamental classes are going to spar. Our instructors will actually teach you how to spar properly as it is part of the Muay Thai regiment, but definitely not required. We do realize that it gets intimidating for some, and we are glad to help walk you through it.

Those that are interested in competing however, should consult with an instructor on readiness.

I have a child/teen interested in joining. What ages do you recommend they start?

We start at 6-12 years for our Muay Thai Cadets! Muay Thai is one of the more difficult martial arts to teach, but we stress safety first. Your child will learn structure and discipline, as well as proper self-defense against bullies while learning to not be a bully themselves.

We highly recommend a trial class for kids.

I've become a member and now addicted to Muay Thai. Why are you guys so awesome?

Hey thanks! We simply do what we love, and love what we do. Muay Thai is our passion, and that’s all we want people to learn about. Our environment is a place of learning, having fun, while challenging yourself with the support of those around you!

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