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TIER 3 / City of Chicago Covid-19 Advisory update

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Beginning Friday we will have a new schedule and structure on how our Academy will be run. Governor Pritzker and the State of Illinois plans on combating Covid-19 beginning November 20th, 2020:

Health and Fitness Centers

  • Operate at no more than 25% capacity
  • No indoor group classes
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times, including while engaged in individual exercise regardless of person or machine spacing
  • Reservations required
  • Locker room areas should be closed

Classes and structure

  • Monday thru Friday, the gym will be open at 10am to 8pm. Saturday and Sunday will be temporarily be closed. Again, you can see the full schedule on our website to reserve.
  • Members may reserve open gym on our website to use our facility (1 hr blocks).
  • All classes will be bags & pads classes while Tier 3 guidelines are in place, and in 30-45 min sessions to minimize contact and maximize amount of members. This will function as a semi-private lesson with up to 2 instructors at a time while members are on bags spaced apart.
  • Private lessons are fully available for members. If interested, you can contact us in person or on our website (open to non-members).
  • Parents must wait in their cars or outside while their kids are in class.

In short, we will NOT be cancelling our classes. Instead, we will be finding new ways in these unusual times to keep you safe while maintaining our high level training.

We are fighters. We adapt and pivot to challenges we face. We find a way to overcome these obstacles as we provide our members a different way of training with the same consistent training environment they’ve known to enjoy.

Be safe out there everyone!

Kru J

Last week we sent an update in regards to the City of Chicago’s response to the surge of Covid-19 (copied below). This week, we are implementing the following updates to our guidelines or just a general reminder about our current protocols.

Basic guidelines for our members

  • Please train with a mask. There has not been one case from our gym due to the protocols we set in place, however we have had a number of members test positive outside of our gym due to other areas where they were to remove masks such as restaurants, family gatherings, or elsewhere. Wear the mask properly and over the nose. We highly recommend training with the Adidas sports mask which you can order at: or you can purchase at any Adidas store near you.
  • Wash your hands and cut nails
  • Sanitize the equipment, bags, weights, treadmills with the sanitizing spray, and dispose of the rags in proper bins
  • If you are feeling symptoms of covid-19 or feeling a little sick, please stay home and quarantine. 

New guidelines

  • Waitlist will possibly be removed. 
    Due to either confusion or members breaking the rules, we may take away the waitlist. We are constantly finding persons coming in and checking in even though they are on the wait list and not in the reserve queue. If this keeps being abused, then we will remove the waitlist.
  • Parents must wait inside car or outside until class is over.
    We have many kids since reopening but we cannot accommodate the overcrowding near the front desk and put you and our staff at risk. We will be implementing a plan to be able to watch your kids, but for now we will have to kindly ask that you wait until your kids are done training in order to keep within the guidelines.
  • Members must wait outdoors for the next class
    This is a reminder that members cannot come in while class is in session. Our front desk staff will let you know when you are able to come inside.

These are all the updated guidelines for now. We know these guidelines aren’t ideal, but our priority again is to keep you training safely and keep our staff safe as well. If you have any questions about our updates, please respond and someone will get back to you shortly. We are always open to feedback.

Update from last week 11/13/2020 We are writing in regards to Mayor Lightfoot’s response to the recent surge in Covid-19. As of now, the City of Chicago has imposed a stay-at-home advisory. Unlike before in March, businesses are allowed to be open, but restrictions specifically aimed towards meetings and social events to more than 10 people inside and outside. On Monday at 6am, capacity limits will apply to weddings, birthday parties, business dinners, social events and funerals. They do not apply to industries that already have restrictions, such as fitness facilities, retail stores, personal services and movie theaters.

To clarify, our Academy currently is not affected and will proceed with our current protocols. Safety has and always been our #1 priority and our protocols that we have put in place since reopening has kept us safe, and we constantly try to look for areas of improvement. We will continue to operate but will keep a closer eye on our business, our members, and ask that if you do experience any of the Covid-19 symptoms at the slightest, please quarantine yourself, let us know so we can take proper action.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us on our website in a timely manner. Thank you again for your continued support of our business and stay safe.

Kru J
Owner / Head Coach
Chicago Thai Boxing Academy

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