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May 2021 Academy Updates

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Beginning Monday, May 8th, 2021 we will be making changes with the following policy updates:

  • Members who are fully* vaccinated will be allowed to train without a mask
  • Saturday class schedule changes coming May 15th

No mask training for fully vaccinated members

  1. Beginning on Monday, May 15th, members who can display their COVID-19 vaccination card will be allowed to train without a mask. Non-vaccinated members will still need to wear a mask.
  2. We will note in your profile that you have been vaccinated, and you will be allowed to train without a mask
  3. If you are feeling ill, coughing, sore throat, chills, etc, please do not show up to the gym and stay home
  4. We are still wanting you to wash hands and sanitize before entering

Class updates for weekends

  • Saturday 11am Adult Advance classes will change to Bags & Pads
  • We will be adding a Saturday 11am Teens Advanced Class (must have 6 months minimum and an understanding of basic offense, defense, as well as basic pad holding)

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