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Gym updates 8/31

  • Gym will be closed for Labor Day, Monday September 7

  • Update to our class policies

    • We are aware of classes being hard to get into due to reaching capacity. We’ve set our system so members can only reserve the class within 5 days.
      This avoids reserving numerous days/classes in advance, and not showing up.
    • We will be adjusting the number of times members can attend per week to 4 days a week. We’ve spoken to a majority, and many members actually say ok to 3. The goal is to again not have classes constantly full with members unable to attend due to reserving weeks out in advance.
    • We are also aware that some reserve weight room, but sneak their way into class. Stop doing that please. Not only does this increase class size among other consequences, it also doesn’t let people who actually want to use the weight room reserve. Also, we know who’s been doing that.
  • New Classes

    • Tuesday Thursday at Outdoor Classes 6:15pm changed from Bags and Pads to Adult Fundamentals
    • Saturday we’ve added Outdoor Classes at 10am and Onboarding at 11am, and Weight Room reservations
We also respectfully ask that members begin wearing our school shirt during class as well as Muay Thai shorts. You can purchase shorts from our Pro Shop or can purchase your own. All proceeds from t-shirt sales will be collected towards funding our SWAT Program (Students Working As Teachers) beginning Sept 1st, 2020.