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Our Classes

Adult Fundamentals

(No experience required)

This class is ideal for beginners with no experience, or those looking to improve their fundamental techniques.

Basic techniques are presented such as punches, kicks, clinch, and footwork. Although there is no sparring in fundamentals, simple sparring drills may be presented, such as offense/defense or situational drills.

These sparring drills are not “live” and will be monitored closely by instructor(s).

Adult Intermediate

(3-6 month minimum training suggested)

The suggested pre-requisite for experience is 2-3 month minimum. Students should understand the basic terminology, techniques, and pad holding for Muay Thai. Intermediate class will also incorporate more contact than fundamentals, as well as sparring & clinch work.

Adult Advanced

(6-12 month minimum training suggested)

The difference between advanced and intermediate is that classes will incorporate more contact, sparring, and clinching to add to the overall conditioning. There will be less focus on instruction, and more focus on actual training. A higher level of expectation regarding knowledge of Muay Thai techniques (pad holding as well) will be demanded of all students who attend.

Bags & pads

(No experience required)

Train Thai style! Don’t think, just hit. Members will definitely burn over 700 calories and won’t even realize it as the pad holders will be putting in just as much work!

intro to sparring

(3-6 month minimum training suggested)

Learn the basics of sparring as well as etiquette. Sparring in Muay Thai is part of the overall experience in training, so members are always encouraged to give it a try, but definitely not required. If you are looking to compete, this is the next step.

Friday sparring

(for advanced and invites only)

Our Friday Night Sparring is what we are pretty famous for. Lots of diverse experience, controlled yet challenging sparring & clinching, and a great community. This is definitely not for beginners, but we always encourage new members to observe and watch.

Kids Muay Thai

Ages 6-9

Children ages 6-9 will learn to grow their confidence both physically and mentally. Discipline and structure is the focal point, and taught throughout in various forms of lessons. They will learn the culture of Muay Thai, basic offense & defense, and physical endurance will be challenged in each class.

Kids who have competed before will be separated later in the classes with senior instructors to focus on higher level training.

Youth Muay Thai

Ages 10-12

Youth “Muay Thai cadets” ages 10-12 will learn basic offense & defense techniques. Discipline, structure, and building confidence is the focal point. We also stress team building as the entire class works together in drills. They will learn the culture of Muay Thai, basic offense & defense, and physical endurance will be challenged in each class.

Youth who have competed before will at times be separated later in the classes with senior instructors to focus on higher level training.

teens muay thai

Ages 13-17

Our Teens Muay Thai class offers a dynamic and safe environment to develop both physically and mentally. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students will learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai, including striking techniques, defensive moves, and combinations. Improve fitness, coordination, and agility but also instill discipline, respect, and self-confidence. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to those looking to refine their skills, our program encourages personal growth and a healthy lifestyle, all while being part of a supportive community.