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a Smarter Way to Sweat
in Just 60 Minutes

Sculpt, Strengthen, and Surpass: Your Path to Elite Fitness

Fitness combined with technique

Our Elite8 Fitness and Boxing Program uniquely combines physical fitness training with the skill development necessary for boxing. This integration allows participants to not only improve their strength, cardio, and flexibility but also improve the technical aspects of boxing. Achieve your fitness goals, learn a skill, and gain the confidence you deserve.

Dynamic Workouts for Maximized Results

Our program emphasizes dynamic and high-intensity workouts, which are designed to push participants to their limits in a controlled and scalable manner. The incorporation of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with boxing drills ensures that workouts are never monotonous and continually challenge the body and mind.

stay competitive

Zone Match workouts turn exercise into a game. The aim? Gym members match their heart rate zones to the colours on the screen. Participants get a higher score for every minute that they’re in the correct zone, displayed as a percentage. Be one of the top  performers? We award you with a FREE month of membership!

introductory pricing

Join in June and pay your first payment in July!

Current Members

Supplement your training

  • Unlimited Classes

8 classes a month

Our most popular selection

  • 2 classes per week

4 classes a month

For the determined multitasker.

  • 1 class per week

First 10 sign-ups receive a FREE
MyZone MZ-1 heart rate monitor ($85 value)

Using heart rate monitors, in-gym screens, and a free training app, the MyZone MZ-1 creates connected fitness experiences powered by personal effort, accurate tracking, and real-time feedback.

*Current members can receive a discount on the MZ-1 at $65

First 25 sign-ups receive a FREE FIRST MONTH!

Our way of saying thank you!

Fitness goes digital

Our heart rate monitors helps gives you the full experience of the Elite8™ fitness class, but also allows you to use them to track your own progress outside of those classes if you are working out on your own. Log into your profile, and monitor your work outs!

Earn meps aka myzone effort points

Light gray
Gray zone: 50-59% of your max heart rate – RESTING

Blue zone: 60-69% of your max heart rate – WARMING UP

Green zone: 70-79% of your max heart rate – MOVING/ LIGHT STRENGTH

Yellow zone: 80-89% of your max heart — MODERATE TO HIGH INTENSITY

Red zone: 90-100% of your max heart — MAXIMAL OUTPUT

gamifying workouts with myzone

MEPs stand for MyZone Effort Points. Each colored tile represents certain amount of points a person can earn. The longer you stay on a tile with a higher heart rate, the more points you earn!
At the end of class, members will record their results of the workout that will be displayed in their profile where each time you take an Elite8 Fitness Class, you are trying to beat your Personal Record!

Fitness That Adapts

Wearable technology completes the experience that tracks progress, while the class is designed to create more of a gamelike experience to take the “work” out of working out. This approach ensures a competitive, yet supportive environment for all fitness levels.

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